If you have received a product which is defective/damaged in transport, we will of course help you as best we can to correct it. The situation differs from case to case, so it is important that you always contact our customer service via our “Claim” contact form when you want to make a claim. In order to facilitate our handling of your claim as much as possible, we ask you to provide as detailed a description as possible and attach photos/films showing the product's defect/fault.

Please indicate if you think the fault is due to a transport damage (e.g. crushed corners, broken glass and ceramics) or if there is a defect that has occurred during production. Unlike with returns, every claim is unique and we have to make a decision on an individual case-by-case basis. Therefore, never send back a product for which you want to make a claim from us, before receiving feedback from our customer service that we have decided what needs to be done. Read here for more information about what applies regarding making a claim from us. If you need to register a claim, you can do so via this link.